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Leadership can be a lonely place where we are expected to have all the answers, often our own development and space to explore our thoughts is a lower priority.  We all face challenges within the workplace and often we know that something needs to change, but we are not sure where to start.


Benefits of Coaching:

We face many challenges in the workplace, let Penha-Longa guide you to take that next step forward.

Executive Coaching can help individuals to:

  • Build self-awareness, and understand their own leadership style and how this impacts others.
  • Identify and overcome challenges with confidence.
  • Reduce stress and achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our Process

This is where Executive Coaching can be really effective to help give us the support we need.  I specialise in working with my clients to:

  • Identify the challenges they are facing and explore what the root cause might be.
  • Work together to define how they wish to move forward, identifying what success looks like and the changes that are required.
  • Support them in making those transitions.
  • Holding them accountable.

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What our clients have to say

“I’ve had several coaching sessions with Mia with one that I still reflect on more than a year later.  She has an amazing ability to really listen to what you’re saying, empathise in a genuine way, and craft a question that gets under the skin of the issue.  It means you talk about what you need to, not what you think you do. There is a distinction.  The coaching helped me to recognise that I was holding myself back, what I needed to do to change that, and how I could develop my small business.” Female Business Owner

Mia’s expertise in career coaching, motivation, and talent empowerment is outstanding. I met her while participating in a career mentorship event, and she gave me the “gift” of believing in myself again. Mia has an unparalleled approach to helping talent better align with the business goals and their career objectives. She always offers the most impactful perspective and relevant direction.  Mia is an asset to any company she works for, a great colleague, a good employee, and a thoughtful HR Business Partner.

Zoe Chacon, MBA. Marketing | Media| Paid Social Advertising Marketing

Mia created and delivered a bespoke coaching programme for our Women’s Network, identifying personal brand, articulation of accomplishments and preparation for the next career opportunity as priorities.  Mia has a unique style with her corporate background and natural ability to build rapport at all levels in our organisation.  Feedback was outstanding for all engagements, and I would highly recommend her as a Coach.

Senior Talent, Inclusion & Diversity Director FTSE 100 Company

“Mia is an outstanding coach, motivational and inspiring . . . I have, and still am, achieving things I wouldn’t have achieved without her professionalism and support. She is easy to get to know, very focused on the client and I always looked forward to our sessions together. She made the ‘blockers’ go away – thank you, Mia.  I am very happy to recommend her as an encouraging and supportive coach, who is totally focused on helping you achieve your goals.”

Karen Houston – Business Coach and Training Consultant from KHC & T Ltd

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